Candles Are My Therapy!

Candle making really is my happy space and place!! Since winning the district art fair in third grade with a upcycled mask that I'd made the previous year in summer camp I knew that I enjoyed creating things. It doesn't matter if it's bulletin boards as a former classroom teacher or piecing together my fit for the day, I approach everything with a creative eye!  My mother and her brothers were either artsy, crafty or both, much like my maternal grandmother.   Proudly, both of my daughters inherited the same gifts!!!

Candle making is just my latest attempt at "keeping my mind busy" and I discovered this after being on lockdown during COVID19.  I spent many days and dollars standing in line competing over retail brands, I was fortunate enough to do so, while at the same time others were being laid off or let go.  This resulted in me making up my mind to stop spending money on semi-annual deals and to start making my own candles.

Wow, I never knew that this would turn into a passion that would also become a means of diversifying my family's financial portfolio.  Hell most of the materials were already in my basement, being stored from on of my many business venture.  But, something about this one sticks, pun intended.  It was my husband who even reminded me that this was a vision that I spoke into fruition some years ago! I not only find therapy in creating but I also take great pride and pleasure in knowing that I am able to use my gifts to fill the homes of others!

Your Candle Curator AKA Jenni From The Block

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